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Advanced Interventional Technology offers a wide range of services. Our services are tailored to help oncology and medical imaging facilities deliver state-of-the-art, optimal health solutions to their patients.

Our services include:

The Proton therapy

  • The Proton Therapy

    Radiotherapy complex techniques that use the bombardment of neoplastic tissue with protons. Protons are heavy particles that release their energy by focusing on hitting sick cells, minimizing the damage of healthy cells.

    The benefits of Proton Therapy include:

    • Higher Accuracy
    • Better Tumor Dose Distribution
    • Similar Entrance Dose
    • Lower Exit Dose
    • Better Tumor Physics Dose Distribution
    • Smaller Toxicity OARs
    • Greater Radiobiological Efficacy
    • Reduced Collateral Damage
  • ERHA System

    The Proton therapyERHA is the first innovative system of proton therapy, patented by ITEL, which integrates:

    • Full LINAC Proton Accelerator
    • Robotized Patient Positioning System
    • Evolute Treatment Planning System with Monte Carlo Simulation
    • Linac 235 MeV:
      • Pulsed Machine up to 200Hz
      • Intensity Modulated Current 1avg 1-5 nA
      • Energy Modulated 70-235 MeV ±1 MeV
      • Emittance 1.2 π mm mrad
      • Spotsize 6mm2 Bigaussian
      • Modular Installation
      • Low Secondary Radiations
    • Patient Positioning System:
      • Robotized platform positions the patient under the fixed proton beam.
      • The patented system allows positioning with accuracy of less than 0.2 mm on the target.
      • Integrated 3D vision system and mobile CT improve the patient positioning performance.
    • Dose Delivery System:
      • Proton spot scanning (pencil beam) fully covers each slice.
      • By changing energy, the system modulates penetration depth.
      • Minimized the entrance dose.
      • Optimized target dose.
    • The Proton therapyTreatment Planning System (See4Plan):
      Software that allows to implement treatment plans with a real-time evaluation of the effects caused by the proton beam on cells and tissues:

      • Radiobiological evaluation of proton beams on cells and tissues crossed.
      • 2-step optimization: fast and full.
      • Monte Carlo Algorithm
      • Cloud support for distributed architecture.
      • GPU support for fast evaluation.
      • Active scanning support.
      • Inverse planning.
      • Optimization by type of accelerator.

EHRA System Highlights:

  1. Beam Optics
  2. Low Secondary Radiation Emission
  3. Compact Design
  4. Flexibility
  5. Small Footprint
  6. Positioning System Accuracy
  7. Full Monte Carlo
  8. Cloud Computing
  9. Radiobiological Evaluation
  10. Integrated Control System

EHRA System Advantages:

  1. Green Technology
  2. Small Footprint Bunker
  3. Reduced Energy Consumption
  4. Patient Positioning Time Reduced
  5. Fast Treatment Analysis
  6. Minimum Management Costs (Only 2 Engineers)
  7. Minimum Maintenance Costs

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